If you’re travelling off the beaten path looking for a different kind of thrill, Russia features a fair share of spooky places. Spielberg could film thrillers ‘a-la russe’ here. Lynch continues to have a chance to film his 3rd ‘Twin Peaks’ series in a of these places. Finally, if Freddy Krueger were Russian, he’d certainly have lived in a creepy izba.
Cape Aniva Nuclear Lighthouse (Sakhalin)
This lighthouse was built by the Japanese architect Shinobu Miura in 1939. Back then the lighthouse was the most complicated technical structure with the entire island. It worked of diesel fuel until the end of the 1990-s, when it was conversed to make use of nuclear power. This allowed minimizing maintenance costs, but soon perhaps the minimal price became unaffordable, along with the lighthouse was abandoned. In the year 2006 the military took away two isotope power systems and after this the lighthouse that utilized to shine for 17.5 miles stands within the waters, like a gloomy castle, empty, alone and forgotten.

8th Department in the “Dagdiesel” Factory, Kaspiysk
This naval armament proofing establishment was put into operation in 1939. It rises through the sea 2.7 km out of the shore and has been beyond use for a long time. Building it took a long time and was held in almost impossible conditions: the basement was made on the shore and after that delivered to the construction site. The walls go lower into the water for 14 meters and are 1.5 meters thick. Unfortunately, the department didn’t serve the factory for too long. In April, 1966, after operation requirements were modified, this grandiose building was decommissioned. Now this massive structure stays abandoned in the Caspian Sea and, seen from the shore, evokes the picture of a resting ancient monster.
Hovrino Hospital, Moscow
The building of this huge 11-story hospital around the place of a former cemetery was begun in 1980 and stopped 5 years after. Today the basements are flooded along with the building is slowly sinking into the ground.
The abandoned hospital attracts young adventurers and freaks of all types, who transformed it into the residence of evil as well as a gate to the parallel world in the actual center of Moscow. Because haunted reputation, the building has overgrown with rumors and city legends, acquired various nicknames, a unique unique folklore as well as “locals”
Bechevinka Abandoned Submarine Base

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-54, “Finval” [Finva:l] harbor, was founded in 1960-s as a military town and submarine base. A spead boat connected the town towards the main city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky once weekly, and there were no other, land, connection with the surrounding residential community. In 1996 the establishment was fully discontinued. All military property was obtained, electricity and water disconnected. Another military base, found on top of a bald mountain around the opposite side in the harbor, a missile men village Shipu[u:]nskiy, disappeared from your maps at the same time as Bechevinka [BichOvinka]. The abandoned village is flanked by beautiful wild landscapes.
Maternity Hospital in Vladimir Region
So what can be more mysterious and haunted than an abandoned medical establishment? Even working hospitals creep many of us out, just because of these primary function. This building in the end of the XIX century used to be the delivery department with the city hospital. As outlined by calendars and documents, it had been fully functioning until 2009, and kept some guards until 2012. Broken windows were regularly replaced by new ones, and renovation was even planned for 2013. Other areas of the building remain intact, plus it seems that people were waiting for good news from the doctors years ago.

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